The way of the Shaman
A shaman is one who is dedicated to self-mastery, to discovering truths beyond the reach of ordinary reality for the sake of healing both personal and global. It is a high level path.
They live with one foot in each world, material-spiritual or visible-invisible realities. The invisible one is where everything begins in the realm of pure energy. This is the passion of shaman to learn how to push energy=life force to create healing and dreams into manifestation.
Shamanism is a way of life that source from the principle of wholeness which the map of the Medicine Wheel teaches.
Jeanette Mantel
My soul mission is to inspire spiritual growth, to raise consciousness, to live and lead passionately and courageously, so to discover the full potential as human beings in co-creation of reality.
My passion is to bring people on journey to discover more of who they are, awakening the light of the soul to shine powerfully in each persons dream of life!
My message:
Shine your light!
Shamanic Energy Medicine



The training programs are for you who want to grow in your soul and develop your spiritual nature.

A Medicine Wheel is an amazing journey in yourself of healing and awareness of how you create your life. You can take this shamanic training personally with me like a mentoring program, or with a friend/partner which gives the relationship a common power of healing and spiritual development.


Shamanic Energy Medicine work opens the wisdom of the heart and contribute to the well-being, health and sustainability of people, organisations and the world as a whole.

Welcome to change your life!


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