Destiny & SoulWork

Welcome to the personally designed Destiny and SoulWork program that puts you in harmonious relationship with what your heart dreams of, your higher purpose of life!
Do you yearn to realize what has a deep inner meaning, what feels so important if you listen to your soul? The soul's language goes through dreams, ceremonies, images and symbols to name a few ways our inner landscape, our heart is talking to us. Many times it sounds illogical or impossible and we knock off the inner voice that calls us to dare and expand our dreams into reality.
Both Destiny and SoulWork work in a dynamic of change and healing processes that give your energy new flow and open up new opportunities where synchronicity becomes more everyday but still completely magical!

Look for what is working instead of what´s not. Instead of negation, critisism and spiraling diagnosis there is

Discovery, Dream and Design!

SoulWork is for those who want to create change in life and heal your story deeply in your soul. It is a full-day program or in a setting of 5 sessions about 90 min, that interweave healing, ceremonies, and visionary processes to strengthen self-esteem and trust in the inner compass of wisdom and dreams that live within you. As important as the power of the present is your vision/direction of where you are going. Many times, this is where we lose power as the future is in the unknown and our intellect cannot navigate in what we have no relation to yet. As a consequence, we make choices that still feel safe and logical though we deep down yearn so much for something new!
As you heal at the spiritual level, you will renew your power, passion, and a sense of having more access to your entire creative energy, which opens up your visionary eyes. A SoulWork program takes you deep in healing and high in your dreams!
DestinyWork is a personal class on 2 full days for those of you who want to come in new powerful harmonious relationship with your Destiny, your  "Why " We move into healing ceremonies for both soul and mind that removes blockages and boost the aura with new life-giving energy. This opens up the flow and allows future opportunities to make their download in the present. Destiny is about living in Yes to life, about bringing potential that has not yet evolved and that makes the soul rejoice!
DestinyWork is no  "quick fix" but initiates a new spiritual journey that is filled with joy, meaning and deeper satisfaction. After these 2 days you are on a new life journey in your energy! You bring home a feeling of new wings and get with you many ceremonies and tools to continue the journey of manifesting your soul mission!

Both programs are offered at Saltarö in Stockholm. Bus goes from Slussen or by car about 40 min from the city.


Please contact me for more information describing the exciting and beautiful shamanic journeys that await you!

Welcome into the healing spaces of shamanic energy medicine where beauty and mystery meet outside the ordinary sense of time.


Client Voices

Jeanette holds a magical space of wisdom and has a humbly open heart that touches deeply in the soul! -Eva. K

Just described for a good friend in a text message that it feels like the way of life has turned in on a highway. And here you get through! I feel like everything I have done in the past I benefit from now, it feels safe. The work takes life to a new dimension! It opens the eyes on several fronts. -Anna. G