The Medicine Wheel is a map of life and a training in shamanic energy medicine . Life is a journey so we keep exploring our different levels of consciousness through its teachings, each time we have the capacity to grow and change our aspects of nature ( the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual ) When we have a vision of what is possible and when we use our will power to change our actions and our attitudes so they come in alignment with our heart dreams, then we become great change-makers that our world calls for!

The Healer

South direction of the Medicine Wheel - The Healer

The Healer archetype asks that we pay attention to what has heart and meaning. We develop our inner healer when we attend to the condition and well-being of our heart, when we reach out with love to ourselves and others, and we hold a balanced view of health. Many native cultures believe that the heart is the bridge between Father Sky and Mother Earth. The journey around a Medicine Wheel is all about opening the heart power, this is the greatest healing you can give yourself and your leadership qualities. When we live with an open heart, we have the courage to to be autenthic or to say what is true in us, we have the strength to be all of who we are in life. Whenever we are courageous, we demonstrate the healing power of paying attention to what has heart and meaning. A shaman is one who is dedicated to self-mastery, to discover truths beyond the reach of ordinary reality, for the sake of bringing healing and wholeness to society.

The element of the South direction is Earth, our physical universe, and as the poem says - Look deeply into it and realise you are the Earth. If we look in our world today this is a huge issue of dissconnection from the source that brings us life. A person that is sick has only one prayer - to come back in health. A healthy person have many dreams and prayers to fully experience life! To live fully, you must be conscious of - who in essence - you are, and what you are here to learn and give back to life.

With this kind of work you learn from the Healer archetype Serpent, to shed your stories that no longer serves you again and again as they grow old, just like the serpent sheds her own skin. In the process you rejuvenate your life force, birthing yourself anew, and start to live a more healthy, joyful, nourishing story of who you are. What story are you living? Time to change? The personal healing work here in the South is key important to be a great visionary!

Healing involves the principle of reciprocity, the ability to equally give and receive and the ability to connect through the heart. In the Andes, they call this principle Ayni. In shamanic energy medicine we say this is the only law that this spiritual path calls for, the rest are teachings and guidelines that each student explore and experience through ceremonies and conscious awareness in the every day life. In order to maintain health and well-being, we need to be in balance between giving and receiving. Being in Ayni is a power place that makes us flow with support from spirit, flow with time and synchronic events. When we are living with this principle we set ourselves free from the past, we have power in the moment that fuels our dreams and visions.

We have a ceremony in Andean shamanism to give offerings to Mother Earth or to Pachamama as we say in Peru. In this class you learn how to create a ceremony and give away of gratitude and prayes to Mother Earth as part of your medicine.

The Medicine Wheel is a training to be an Earth keeper, a person that serves and caretakes life on Earth. This training has an energetic component, a series of initiation that help us develop a new architecture in our Luminous energy field ( Aura ) The 9 rites of passage awakens the capabilities of the brain, the vastness of how we can manifest and create. In essence, the rites are about stewardship. They are not ego-awards, nor do they make anyone special. From a position of no-ego, we can truly be of service. There are four initiations in the south direction: awakening the seer, luminous protection, the foundation of the healer path, and a connection to a lineage of Healers in this Inka tradition.

Welcome to a magical journey of self discovery and spiritual growth that that takes you into Andean mysticism of healing and vision!

“We need a real awakening, enlightenment, to change our way of thinking and seeing things. To breathe in and be aware of your body and look deeply into it, realise you are the Earth and your consciousness is also the consciousness of the Earth.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

Qualities of the South Direction

Element: Earth

Color: Red

Aspect of human nature: Physical

Cycle of human development: Nourishment

Healer Archetype: Serpent