Master Courses Program

Welcome to continue your studies in Shamanic Energy Medicine and deepening your personal visionary journey with the master classes. It is like an advanced Medicine Wheel for mesa carriers only that takes you deeper and higher in the mystery teachings of the Andes. The master courses give you a greater perspective on how you integrate and consciously live this spiritual path in your everyday life.
You can take the masterclasses as separate within your own interest of spiritual growth or you can sign in for all of them as a master program. Each master class is a 3 day journey to empower you as Shaman, living and creating in the level of the sacred. I look forward to walk with you higher up the mountain where time flows differently and all is possible.

Some of us are here for our personal healing journey and some of us are here to grow corn with how we keep walking the path, keep learning, keep growing our Luminous nature. And around and around the Medicine Wheel we travel, but every time is different. We can dream with our eyes open, free from time and space and the need to understand. We are the Children of the sun and the earth that can hold the universe inside our minds.                - Antonio Morales (Qero master shaman)

Advanced Practitioner in Shamanic Energy Medicine Divination & Visionary Skills
Contains 4 Master Classes
          Shamans Altar
Luminous Warrior
Living Destiny
Condors Vision
Medicine Wheel Program
 All Masters courses can be taken as a personal 2 Day Program with me in Stockholm.
Contact me and share what class you are interested in and we will find the time that suits you. 

Warmly Welcome!
Shamans Altar - Master of the South direction
The mesa is your altar, a reflection of your inner power, your personal universe. It is a living embodiment and mirror of your shaman life journey on the medicine path. We say a mesa organises itself as it should, without the push of power in it, but a shaman who learned to walk with power and healing can work through her Mesa to change the world! How do we work the mesa if it is “asleep” or have lost its power? What happens in our lives if our mesa is weak and leaks energy? How can we create new action of healing, dreams and visions in it?
This class takes you on an exciting archetypal journey with your altar of medicine stones and shows different maps and ways to consciously work in your Mesa to create change. Welcome to this creative and very joyful class to deepen your relationship with yourself, your medicine stones and with you as part of the Inka lineage of Medicine people. 
Students comments on Class
Thank you lovely soul. It was amazing! 

Class full of love, beauty, laughter, signs not to be omitted, self-discovery and creation!
Thank you so much for the class, I just loved it: we went deep and I got a lot to think about. And we had so much fun!
Luminous Warrior - Master of the West direction
Walking in the world as a luminous warrior is about living in freedom, about making the dark conscious so that we can free the light that is being held in the unconscious. We are both light and dark but if we neglect our dark side, push it down or simply pretend that it does not exist, it becomes a shadow within us and we are hopelessly stuck in negative projections upon life, stuck in limitations and behaviors that block our inner spiritual light to shine in full power. 
This class is a deep dive into Jaguar medicine that is all about having power in the present, about living in balance without the need for enemies anywhere. We work with our inner "Warrior", where we practice a lot of tracking to see through illusions of fear. You work with mirrors in your outer world where you get stuck in weakness, you learn how you can solve conflicts through ceremonies and rituals instead of being caught in drama, you get knowledge of how the shadows work and how you can create protection in yourself, in your home or at your place of work. What you practice in this class becomes a valuable life skill that contributes to a much more conscious, peaceful and bright world!
"Such beautiful class journeying into our shadows to bring back the light and our strength.Coming back to our lives whole in unity with the High Spirit, nourished by Mother Earth!
Thank you Jeanette for your presence and making beautiful this path on shadows work!!!"
What a lovely class Luminous Warrior was! How can a shadow class have so much positive energy and so much light in it? And at the same time the work was really intense and deep. I do feel that all of us who took part are really very, very priviledged.
- Sirpa.E
I recommend with my warmest heart these life changing and light bringing teachings to everybody who feels the calling of their destiny. Finding the destiny and LIVING it is the longing of our soul.
- Ritva.M
Our Destiny week has been very special …  So eagle finally left the chicken yard, She took off and flies with spirit again.
The three shamanic worlds came together within me .Thank you so much for your loving dedication to your destiny - this enables me to engage with mine.

- Susanne.S

Condors Vision - Master of the East direction
We are called in this time to become the conscious dreamers and visionaries for life on Earth, not just a new story line but that we do it from the highest place of ethics and integrity. To be the Seer we need to be fully present in the moment, awake and clear, and able to step out of the collective momentum of the world. It is important that we not only continue to explore and change how we see limiting stories but we must take the next step and put our intent and visioning into "seeing" what we want for ourselves and our world.
Those are the skills you practice in this visionary class. It is about flying on the winds of the East and work in the upper world of dreams and relationship with Inka Spirit. We build our altar for Condor, practice the power of inner stillness for our tracking skills, we give more light to the initiations of the visionary- Kawak and Kurak Akulley, the master shaman that source from the stars.


You will learn how to work intention and navigate in the energetic realm with your dreams. We practice symbolic seeing, harmonizing language as a creative principle for reality and vision. The journey of Condor is about opening the heart and be in loving presence of power. Welcome to a great flying adventure in the sacred!

For you?

We are never done with life until we actually die physically. As shaman, life is a 100% active experience in co-creating reality with the Divine.
We keep growing our luminous presence and engage the work of raising consciousness with how we walk in the world, and how we continue to dream powerful visions that brings positive ripples through out creation.
The Master classes
is a big step up in engaging reality from the place of the sacred. You tune your frequency to the higher realms of super consciousness and strengthen your connection with the heart of the universe.
Welcome to take your space among the fires together with other great dreamers!

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