Healer Skills Master Program

Welcome to continue your studies in Healer Skills through the Master classes. This training gives you more advanced tools in Shamanic Energy Medicine to offer in your client work. The Healer learns by bringing herself to the teachings and the practices, so you give yourself a wonderful journey of healing in a higher level of engagement by this program. 
Attending Healer Skills Master Program brings you to a certification as an Advanced practitioner in Luminous Healing, Soul & Destiny Retrieval and       Rites of Passage. 
Read and be inspired by how you can take your client's work to a master level that heals through generations, opens up portals of possibilities and informs the luminous body with new potential through the Inca's shamanic initiations.
It is a program that provides excellence in your profession as Healer!
Advanced Practitioner in Luminous Healing
Soul & Destiny Retrieval
and Rites of Passage
Contains 3 Master Classes
Black Jaguar Medicine
Adv. Soul&Destiny Retrieval
Inka Initiation Path
Medicine Wheel Program
Healer Skills
Each of the Healer Master Classes are a personal 3 day program for two or up to six Shaman Healers 
deepening their skills in how to work more advanced in client work.
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Welcome to your advanced
Healer training!  
Black Jaguar Medicine
The class teaches you healing tools and protection ceremonies for how to work with loved ones & clients that are caught in disempowerment.
Those 3 days focuses on how to transform, change, and extract negative energy from the unconscious domain, or as we say the lower world in humans. Here your skills in Jaguar medicine comes to a very literal practice in how to offer it to others through sessions. As shaman we are serving the light by learning how the shadow work and manifest without getting caught in its dynamic. You practice a lot of tracking and learn how to go invisible as you undo shadow engagements, such as generational curses, karmic imprints, cutting unhealthy cords and connections to people and places. And so much more... For you as a Healer this class is a gift to really assist in healing at a very deep level.
Adv. Soul & Destiny Retrieval
Bringing clients on a Destiny journey is a blessing! A beautiful journey they can embark upon after a series of sessions in clearing the way of what stops them. In this class you learn the steps of bringing them to a space with a new possibility that downloads into the now. 
You learn to work in more advanced ways with soul retrieval and destiny retrieval as well as in the mythic level to create new maps and pathways. It teaches how you elegantly can guide your clients into engaging powerful change. Welcome to a class that is about living at the level of the sacred, level of hummingbird, from the mythic place of certainty & soul courage with Yes to life! 
Inka Initiation Path
This class focus on how to weave in Rites of Passage in client work. 
Initiation is a spiritual path, a spiritual rebirth, an entry into a new world. When receiving initiations, the healing journey accelerates and support the client (and yourself) to grow into another stage in life and move forward with a new sense of soul nourishment. Here you learn the structure and poetry of giving Rites of Passage in the Inka tradition - all the rites you have received in the Medicine Wheel + the two highest rites Mosok Karpay and Taitanchis with your mesa. We create sacred space weaving threads with the Inka spirit of language, healing ceremony and initiation to remember and move beyond the ordinary. 
There is a wonderful magic coming up for us all - how great!!  - Lisa.F          
Wow - what a beautiful class with you behind. A big step higher in spirituality.
 Thanks a lot for this incredible time together……so much love and beauty and creativity in such a high level of ethic, munay and compassion.
- Bettina.J

For you?

Being a Healer is for me the most beautiful work. It fills my heart with divine light every time a person heals something of her past, or present, or how the inner eyes opens to new possibilities. In our spiritual nature we are all one, so every aspect of healing that takes place nurtures and communicates in the whole web of life.
It is such a gift to offer Luminous Healing sessions at a very high level of spirituality.
This is what the Healer Master Courses teach you. You have already the foundation of tools and here you learn more advanced skills of how to create a session for your client in the highest way possible.
It is not only about the practical, it is about the mythic level that we practice a lot in this program. If you can see a new place for your clients then it already starts to download. You learn how to assist in creating mythic maps for them to go there!