Andean healing & wisdom teachings

The Medicine Wheel awakens your co-creator consciousness, open the heart wisdom and offer you an amazing journey of self discovery through its sacred four directions, power animals and elements.
It is designed for you who wish to grow spiritually and have a longing to learn more of what life can be from a soul perspective. The training is about stepping into your luminous light and calling forth what you are here to create. It is a spiritual training towards higher consciousness of being and acting in the world. The journey is about healing your past, learn to walk in balance on the power path of life, master your time, shaping the world and consciously participate in co-creation of reality. 
Great leaders and Change-makers develop themselves and their ability to see potential of something new. They are the ones who courageously walk new pathways expanding consciousness of what could be. They seek truth in all aspects of life as truth and change goes hand in hand moving us in a more conscious pattern forward. Are you one of them? One who dreams of making a difference in your world through your own unique contribution?
Shamanic energy medicine is lightning the way to a higher level of consciousness in how you live and lead ourselves from wisdom, heart and power. Welcome to read more below, get inspired and take action for a unique shamanic program that bridges mind with heart and the inner world with outer expression. From a place of wholeness we are changing the world!

The Medicine Wheel is an ancient and powerful symbol of the Universe. It is a silent teacher of the realities of things. It shows the many different ways in which all things are interconnected. Beyond that, is shows not only things that are, but also things that could be. - Four Worlds International.

The Medicine Wheel is a 3 day shaman training in each of the 4 directions, the whole circle is completed within 1 year. In between classes you will have the opportunity to deepen your work and practices in togetherness with a person from your group. This is a way of support to stay on your path of discovery, of change, of raising consciousness in how you see the world into being. I Welcome You! Jeanette
There is also the opportunity to take a Medicine Wheel program as a personal shamanic training with me in Stockholm.
It is like a mentoring program that has the same foundation as in class, but is tailored in its processes based on you as a person and where you are in life. Please contact me for more information on this option.
Class 1: South Direction  

The Healer  - What story are you living?
In this first step you learn the foundational principles in shamanic energy medicine. We look at what story you are living and how you construct your life based on past experiences.  This work process includes the whole container of how you hold yourself in the physical world. This brings awareness to what need to be shifted in the energetic in order to transform how you create reality. The South direction is about the archetype of the power animal of the serpent. You learn to shed the past like she sheds her own skin by leaving the old stories behind that no longer serve your growth. You dive deep into your personal healing, learning that life is movement, renewal, and rejuvenation. In this process you start to create your own altar of medicine stones which becomes your sacred space of dreams and visions. 
Class 2:  West Direction 
The Spiritual Warrior - Walking in balance on the power path
This direction is about doing your shadow work, letting go and change your relationship to how you hold life and death. Here you work and heal your basic ancestral and karmic structures that holds you in the past or in disempowerment. You learn how to shift engagement with yourself and the world by shifting your perception of what you see and experience. Through teachings, meditations and practical processes the West direction focuses on finding balance in all areas of life. You learn that true power is internal and radiate in all your actions, in your presence, in your way of walking in the world. The archetype of the West is Jaguar. Like her you learn how to walk with grace and a high level of integrity, with no need of enemies anywhere, living and leading with munay, the power of love and compassion.
Class 3: North Direction
The Teacher - Living in Yes to life
Here you take a big step up into the mystery teachings of the inka medicine tradition. The North is the home of the master, the sage, the wisdomkeeper. This direction is about surrender to the unknown and still work it outside ego investments. Here you learn how to flow with effortless action within time with synchronicity as fuel, how to track new possibilities, shapeshift your consciousness and release limiting thought patterns that stops you from fully living your souls dream. The archetype of the North direction is the Hummingbird – the one who responds to a call from within, courageously saying yes to life by embarking upon a journey beyond what she already knows.​ Accessing this knowledge opens your ability to navigate from the skyworld to the earthworld, a journey towards destiny.
Class 4: East Direction
The Visionary - See the world into being
In this direction you learn the powerful steps of creating your world as well as the importance of becoming conscious about your projections and limiting beliefs around reality. This is the sacred work of the Visionary. You will learn how to create, or dream in inka terms, your world into being, becoming conscious about the ripples this creates as it manifests in the material world. The archetype of the East is the Eagle/Condor that connects you to Spirit, your intuition and the bigger picture. When your daily work is guided by the presence of spirit and your own clear vision, you will naturally be drawn into a deeper alignment with your intuition, or spiritual intelligence, which will be available to serve not only you, but all of life. The call of the Eagle/Condor is to spread your own wings and envision your greatest dreams.

For you?

Are you interested to explore more of who you are? Do you have a call to contribute from higher places of being and acting in your world? Do you dream of making a difference towards positive change in the bigger whole? 
Earth is calling us to higher consciousness!
Shamans gather around fire to dream... A dream of peace, love, beauty and harmonious relationship with all life.
Welcome to take your space around sacred fires of healing and vision and learn the Shaman way of living and leading in alignment with heart, wisdom and power of manifestation.

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