Returning to light

a Mayan & Incan cosmic vision journey

        Come with me for a luxury healing retreat in paradise    Maya-Tulum, Meixco November 21st-28th 2020.

Earth is changing and so are we. What we seek for a new world is written and nothing hidden...  We are the book and by searching the self we find illumination within our own consciousness. We make our own understanding out of what is between the lines in our book of life and reality varies depending on the perception we have, what we choose to see...
 This is the map of our journey this week!
We will use the wisdom of the Mayan Tarot to move ourselves higher in consciousness as we work and practice the Seer through our spiritual eyes. The Tarot is a way to develop the ability to see "what is" and stand in our own source. The week is a healing journey as well as a movement forward in our ways to look at what is possible. Through the week you receive 9 initiations from the Incan tradition, to open up your heart power and luminous light to shine
Like the legend of Quetzalcoatl ( see presentation below) we will bring our creative spirit forward through sacred ceremonies, music, joyful gathering, adventure, dream sharing and guided meditations weaved in with Maya and Inka wisdom teachings. Through the week you will empower your dreams and highlight your visionary eyes by the turquoise Caribbean Sea, its horizon and the never ending white beaches of Tulum.
What to enjoy during this all inclusive Retreat!
Visit to Muyil, an ancient Mayan temple , swimming in a cenote - natural healing waters of Mother Earth, a Mayan Sweatlodge, our own sacred space and journey with the Mayan Tarot as guide to higher consciousness. The initiation journey of 9 rites for you and also with teaching of how you can pass them on.
Relaxed time by the Beach!
Accommodation in lovely Cabanas for 7 nights with 3 delicious meals a day.
Below the photo inspiration you find a day to day schedule with more details and the website to our amazingly beautiful retreat center, Maya Tulum.
Sunshine Welcome to join me in this Paradise for a week!
The legend of Quetzalcoatl is a story of a great teacher and savior of the people of the americas. To the Inka People he was know as Wiracocha, To the Maya he was Kukulcan, more familiar to us today is the name Quetzalcoatl given by the language of Aztecs. All of these names have the same meaning; Feather Serpent. In the mythology of both Inka and Maya this lord is the bringer of light, a morning star that taught sacred ways of the Earth and are an organizing principle of life. The prophecies speak about the return of Quetzalcoatl in each of us, that we are the ones who shines in the light of a new time.

Returning to light

Journey Fee: € 2100

includes shared accommodation in Garden View Cabana for 7 nights.

3 delicious buffé style meals a day.

Visits to Mayan Temple Muyil with a swim in a magical cenote.

Mayan Sweatlodge.

All teachings and ceremonies with Jeanette Mantel

You find more logistics in the schedule below.

Our Beautiful Resort

Maya Tulum is a sanctuary in the Mexican Caribbean.

During your stay you can enjoy its never ending white beaches, Healing Body Work in the Spa Section or just Relax in its calming spirit in-between our class times.

Go to their website for photos and more on what they offer.