I worked as a consultant manager at business area finance with responsibility for 50 staff at the customer. I had amazing years of development in my manager role and a lot of fun in my job. But after four hectic years life felt more and more empty despite my external success, so I began to search for a greater meaning with my life, a journey that went deep within myself. I came to a place where I realized that in my soul I felt broken and chaotic and that I lived a superficial life that no longer gave me satisfaction. In 2001, I went on an eight-week trip to Peru to find the answers to my spiritual healing. That trip was the beginning of a whole new life....

My story from business to shaman

... that took me to the international organization the Four winds Society where I trained in shamanic energy medicine, a wisdom tradition from the Andes and Amazonas in Peru. After completing the basic training for two years, I was asked if I wanted to start assisting their shamanic training programe, which continued until I became a leading teacher in Europe. I worked for Alberto Villoldo and the Four winds for seven years, again I experienced amazing years of development now in my spiritual growth and had many exciting trips in Peru, the Amazon and Mexico.

When I look back at my life before I first went to Peru, it is like looking into a completely different life. Today I live in a harmonious and joyful relationship with myself and everything in my surroundings. I know who I am and experience life much more closely and beautifully. I have found a balance of inner spiritual force in relation to the outer world that I now know is choreographed from my inner energy landscape. And if I get stuck in fear or limiting ideas about what is possible, I have a great asset of shamanic ceremonies and processes to shift perception and dedication to something more life-giving! I love my job and I work a lot but now in healthy relationship to body and soul and big dreams!


Since 2005, I work with sharing shamanic wisdom teachings and luminous healing processes to raise consciousnes of how we live in right relationship to ourselves and to our surroundings. All indigenous people and many spiritual leaders agree that the most important thing in mankind's journey here on Earth with all the challenges we now face, personal and environmental, is to open the heart! Only through that can we heal our painful past, look forward with spiritual wisdom and re-remember that we all come from the same source of life.

We are now experiencing the prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor that North and South American Indians have known about for many hundreds of years would come in this time. It speaks of the eagle, symbolising the Western world with its strong intellect and power of manifestation and about the Condor, which has its power in the heart of forgiveness and love that is the power of indigenous peoples. By uniting these three power centers in man, the Eagle and Condor can again fly wing wing in the same sky. It is this great human possibility shamanic medicine works for, how our mind and our heart meet in harmonious relation to our power of action for health, balance, and life here on Earth.

My CV describes me like this:

Hiked the Inca Trail 4 times 2001, 2012, 2013, and 2017 as well as expeditions to the highest mountains Ausangate 2010, 2018 and Salkantay 2009, 2016 in Peru. Guided spiritual journeys together with indigenous people in Peru, Mexico and The Amazon since 2007.


For 17 years I have worked with luminous healing sessions and spiritual development. As Shaman teacher, trained many hundreds of people in shamanic energy medicine in different countries of Europe.


As inspiration to my business I have attended the Academy of Excellence here in Sweden and international Shift Leadership Academy. Online business programs with Robin Sharma, Gerry Robert and Tony Robbins.

My soul mission is to contribute to a more conscious world where human relationships and spiritual values are in a harmony with vision and power. A world where our spiritual and physical dimension goes hand in hand and in balance with the wisdom of nature.

My passion is to ignite the spiritual light every person carry within and inspire to live and lead courageously in the manifesting of soul dreams.

Welcome to the Shamans world!


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