Next years Peru journey

   July 18-29th 2021

Come journey with us to the Andean world for a unique experience with Qero shamans and Earth temples in Sacred Valley around Cusco.
Journeying in Peru opens the heart and make us remember our spiritual nature in a new light of who we are. Through the experience we are deeply touched by the sacred dimension of life,a place where new dreams are born.
This years journey has its essence of empowering our visionary eyes and dreaming skills, which are so important in the times we are living.
The word Shaman means to "see"
Seeing beyond illusion, seeing what is not yet in form, seeing opportunities...
The Qero shamans are known to be keepers of the ancient knowledge living in a sacred world of engagement. As we spent time with them, our luminous bodies are nourished with light, creativity and inspiration. This power energy often brings us courage to take new steps in our lives moving beyond what we already know. Through ceremony and ritual, we align our dreams and visions, clearing our perception and conversation with the mystical world of energy.
There are so many pearls in this Peru gathering for mesa carriers only!
I am so excited to again bring a group of likeminded people to the sacred land of the Inkas.
A journey schedule will be up soon!
Welcome to a ones in a lifetime journey experience, a journey that you will source from forever!! 

Dreamers Journey July18-29th 2021

Journey Fee: 25000 SEK

includes: 2 days on InkaTrail/Machu Picchu

WillkaTika luxuary retreat in shared room for 5 days with 3 delicious meals a day.

All teachings and ceremonies with Jeanette Mantel and Qero shamans.

All transportation within the journey.

And much more!

Schedule up soon

Willka Tika Luxuary Resort in the Andes

Willka T’ika’s magnificent healing gardens provide the opportunity to relax, restore, rejuvenate, and receive the powerful energy of the Andes. The world-renowned Seven Chakra Gardens cover the grounds with lush vibrant foliage and are connected to each other by enchanting winding stone paths.

Go to their website for photos and more on what they offer.