Peru Journeys

Welcome to experience magical Peru 2023

Come journey with me and Qero shamans in the Andean world for unique experiences in Machu Picchu and other Earth temples around Cusco. There are 2 journeys that are created as one whole, but you can sign in for just one of them and still have an amazing adventure that you will source from forever.

The Qero shamans are known to be keepers of the ancient knowledge living in a sacred world of engagement. As we spend time with them, our luminous bodies are nourished with light, creativity and inspiration. This power energy brings us courage to take new steps and decisions in our lives. Through ceremony and ritual, we align our dreams and visions, clearing our perception and communication with the mystical world of energy.

See journey presentations, videos and photos below as inspiration to join me on those great adventures. It is life changing in so many ways as Peru touches and speak directly to the heart. If you have any questions, please contact me and we talk more about what those journeys offer you!