Shamanic Healing

These sessions are unique in how they transform the heavy, the old, the limitation of what you think is possible to a new creative life affirming energy. They are designed to weave together the mind with the heart through healing and coaching from a soul perspective of life. They invite you for personal healing work as well as for taking your dream of life to a new level of fulfillment, meaning, and higher purpose. Welcome to healing sessions that illuminates your life!

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."

- Mahatma Gandhi

What story are you living?

According to shamanic teachings everything in life is about power and energy. In shamanic counseling, we focus on the present moment and then make energetic shifts to heal and come in right relationship to what is happening. The work takes place through creative processes and ceremonies that raise awareness and give the power of a new direction. 

Each session awakens a destiny line to what is possible.

When you touch into what remains outside your awareness, what you have been unable to access because it has been too overwhelming, painful, or unacceptable, your healing journey unfolds. With different shamanic healing tools, the imprint that informs the body is erased and the heavy energy removed and light brought in to take its place.

These healing sessions provide deep personal transformation. The session begins with a short talk about how your life is today, with a focus on what is not working for you or what you soul longs for in order to make your visions possible. This can be physical disease, emotional issues, feelings of being stuck in situations, lost life force, soul loss, stress, conflicts, repeating themes that keep showing up and do not serve you.


After the energetic healing ceremony we engage the mythic layer of your life to be integrated in your everyday life, a map of how you embody the shift.

Welcome to book your Luminous Healing session that changes the story of your life. You can choose sessions over phone or personal meetings in Stockholm.

clients voices

"Jeanette ignite and inspire people that she touch very deeply, as she bring them on journey. She see´s clearly the truth of things, being able to guide and coach people with both a strong and loving leadership role. Teaching in a way that makes people listen and understand."  Mag.Elisabeth Hampel, Austria

"Jeanette is what´s called one of a kind when it comes to energy medicine, standing in her power with high integrity, walking her talk. A carrier and stewardess of the ancient medicine applied into modern times with excellence. Jeanette has been of enormous assistance and help when it comes to my direct pivotal life. I warmly recommend her work to anyone willing to take the steps of changes in their life."

- Thomas Zetterström, Sweden.