A Medicine Wheel Journey for Global Change

I often get the question what is a Medicine Wheel? and why should I take the training?

For 15 years I have been teaching Medicine Wheel programs for spiritual growth with education in the healing arts of the Andean world. It is a fantastic journey of self discovery that awakens the wisdom of the heart, brings healing to past stories, empower the individual, and raise consciousness of how to live your greatest dreams of life, to mention a few blessings of this program.

All shamanic traditions draw on the power of four archetypes in order to live in harmony and balance with our environment and with our own inner nature; the Healer, the Spiritual Warrior, the Teacher, and the Visionary. Those are the headlines for the four directions of a Medicine Wheel training, because each archetype draws on the deepest mythic roots of humanity, we too can tap into their wisdom. When we learn to live these archetypes within ourselves, we will begin to heal ourselves and our fragmented world.

Why is the Medicine Wheel a great map for global positive change?

The Medicine wheel teaches us that the four races; yellow, black, white, red, are all part of the same human family. All are brothers and sisters living on the same earth. It teaches the importance of balancing the four elements; earth, water, fire, air, in each individual and be respected equally for their gift of physical life. Also it highlights the four aspects to our human nature; the physical, the emotional, the mental, the spiritual. Each of those aspects must be equally developed in a healthy, well-balanced individual through the development of will power = power to manifest, power to move beyond what you already know and see in the world.

The call to be part of positive change in our world brings me to a place where I take those ancient healing and wisdom teachings to a leadership program though the Inka Medicine Wheel. I welcome you who wish to grow spiritually and discover more of who you are beyond the story you are living, beyond what you already know into the mystery of the possible. The training is a four steps Spiritual Leadership development program where you learn the sacred pathways of Shaman.

A reflection note! Indigenous peoples consider it vitally important to be balanced in all four areas: leading, healing, teaching and visioning. Take a moment to look at your own balance. Do you consider yourself a Healer, a Warrior, a Teacher, or a Visionary? Welcome to learn more under MedicineWheel in the header.

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