Closing the old and open up for the New!

December 29, 2017

The Year of 2017 is coming to a close. The medicine people of the Andes always take the year-end to bring to closure the previous 12 months so that they can enter the new year from a place of being free, no longer held by the past. Otherwise the same themes and stories would continue to inform them over the following months. Then they launch the New Year with a clear and certain intention for all they want to ‘dream’ into their lives.


New Year is a wonderful opportunity to make closure with what you feel is completed or a time to cleanse out the old. In this medicine tradition we look at cleansing on all areas of life, spiritual-mental-emotional-physical. In those last days of the year it is very beneficial to let go of things you never use, or make closure with circumstances that are no longer nourishing for you. As we let go of old attachments we naturally make space for something new. A powerplace is to let go of what you no longer need and hold some emptiness in your space before you welcome something new in. As we learn to keep ourselves open and available on an energetic level, we invite the unknown to present itself in the moment. Through this practice we become more conscious of what we say Yes to!


On January 1st, join us in the space of the first fire ceremony of the year! An important fire that will set the intention for the year to come. If it is challenging to build a fire outside on the Earth you can light a candle and make that a beautiful ceremony too. Set your space of stillness and beauty. Light the outdoor fire or candel. After a while make an offering to the fire by giving small amounts of olive oil as you salute the four directions, heaven and earth. Call on the spirits of your ancestors and the ancestors of the land, and invite them to warm their hands by your fire. Let each stick (or toothpick for a candle) that you place in the fire symbolize something you are letting go of - a relationship, a job, an illness, or an unpleasant situation.


Then sit quietly by the fire and set your intention for the New Year - for yourself, your loved ones, and for the Earth. Silently call in the people and opportunities you are ready to embrace in the new year. Dream in the abundance, health and joy you would like in your life. Sit by the fire until the flames are

down so that your ceremonial fire comes to a natural end.


I wish you a wonderful ceremony of closing the old and open up for a new begining! Like Shamans, have courage and dream Big! Let go of the how and the when, just fuel your dreams with positive feelings and thoughts and let the universe be part of the unfolding!


Sparkling blessings of a very Happy New Year! Jeanette



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