Cultivating Your Dreams.

January 3, 2018


 A new year is here! For each one of us it holds new possibilities and the power of the unknown! As human beings we develop and grow through our own decisions. We therefore must have some vision, some ideal or goal to look toward, or else we will have no way of knowing what the next power step on our life journey is. It is also very important that our vision or dream is a true one, true to who we are and what we feel give meaning and purpose to our lives. Then we have the spirit to keep moving towards this dream even when we are tested, challenged or even lose hope in our capacity to make manifest. As a dream of purpose lives in the heart, you awaken vision by listening to your own internal source. Close your eyes and listen.... Why are you here? What makes your soul sing? What are your unique gifts? What do you really dream of making real?


Manifesting our dreams is a mythic creative process in four steps:

1, first we have the idea or vision from our own internal source that sparks creativity.

2, that meets with a positive resonance, to plant the idea in a fertile ground that it needs in order to not ineffectively go to waste.

3, the maturing of the project. How you feed and nourish the seed/idea/vision over time with patience.

4, when the dream starts to take a physical form in reality. Here it still takes focus, time, comittment and your passion to let it mature in physical reality.


Each of those four steps are equally important in the process of creating something, from idea to manifestation. In this fruitful process we are engaging both the masculine path of will, of becoming conscious, of focused action with the feminine path of receptivity, which leads inward to the mysterious depth of the unconscious mind into the mysteries of life. In this way we balance action with patience, nourishment, inner growth and also invite time and the natural cycles to work for us.


The way of the shaman is an active spiritual path which means we never go asleep, we do not lose consciousness, even in times of stillness when the idea is planted in the earth. We keep feeding the dream with positive thoughts, positive feelings, seeing it with our internal eyes without attachment to a particular process for achieving the result. We focus on the dream and remain highly flexible of the how and when, we go with the flow by listening every day for internal guidance about the next step.


If you loose flow, joy, universal support and a sense of synchronicity with your creative process you are likely in states of control or fear which are signs that you lost your path into struggle. Then retrace your steps back to the essence of your dream and start anew, perhaps in a different way then before as you have learned something valuable about where you lost the passion with it.


We often say Dream Big! Go with something that stretches your comfort zones! Then the whole of you calls for attention to bring yourself in a power state, which becomes a neccessary fuel to the creative impulse that wish to be manifest. It takes courage to follow the dreams of the heart and in return it makes your soul sing, increases your willpower and develops your potentials. Courage to go beyond what you already know is a beautiful investment of healthy life force to your life!


All blessings to manifest your dreams!! If you like to know more and experience this mythic creative process through shamanic teachings and ceremonies, you are welcome to join us for an exciting weekend in a lovely retreat center in Northern Italy! We meet Feb. 16th-18th. for the class; Aligning Vision with Creation. You find more information under calendar on


Warmly welcome to a new amazing year and all that you can dream into it!






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