In the land of the Inkas we meet, share and learn!

Journeying in Peru is an extra ordinary experience of togetherness with the indigenous people and ancient temples of sacred power. Some temples are for healing, others for remembering, or empowerment of our human soul. It is a deep personal journey that activates light dynamics within each person. Peru touches everyone deep in the core of who we are!

Travelling to different sacred spaces, with different qualities of Healing power, we engage a journey of ceremony and spiritual consciousness. We come with offerings, humble to hear ancient wisdom that still lives in those temples, and we receive precious gifts of light back to our being, to our remembering of heart dreams, to what is really important in the human experience.

We are all made of light. Deep in our hearts we know this truth, this sacred connection each one of us have to all of life. By being here in those temples that are still honored and prayed with, our hearts open and we remember ourselves anew.

The Andean people say they are the children of the sun and the earth. When we travel here we see this relationship in sacred motion through their offerings and prayers to the source of life. They live, work and share for the health of the whole community. It is such an inspiration and beauty to be part of their way of munay= love, tenderness of heart in how they engage life. No matter how much or little they have they always welcome and openly share their food, ceremonies, music and dances in an abundant and joyful way. They know the importance to share from heart and also to be in harmonious relationship to what is different. In this way they live in a state of coming together, of unity, even though we live in very different cultures. We meet and share precious moments of exchange that we can source from forever.

For us in the western world we can learn from them the beauty way upon how we walk, how we share, how we from heart celebrate life on our beloved Mother Earth, Pachamama as we say in Peru. When we open our heart, we balance our very strong intellectual aspect with the power of love in action and healing happens on all levels of life!

This is why I keep returning with groups to the people and the tempels of Peru. A country where the voices of ancient mysteries still speak!

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