What is Shaman?

Shamanism is an ancient spiritual and ceremonial tradition that is practiced by indigenous people all over the world. It is based on the teachings of our natural cosmic movement through space and time to create a direct communion with nature and our world of living energy. Fundamental to shamanism is the principle of wholeness or unity, and the realization that everything in the universe is connected.

A Shaman is a person who walks in between the worlds of energy and matter, bringing healing and right relationship to all that is.​ Also fundamental to shamanism is the understanding that reality has a spiritual dimension. Thus for the shaman everything that has form or substance has a spirit ‑ trees, rocks, people, mountains, galaxies, places, buildings, organizations, etc. The shaman works in the spiritual dimension of reality, bridging its information with the material world.

Shamanism in the Modern World

The ecological crisis facing our planet earth, the conflicts and wars in many corners of the world, and the growing materialization of every aspects of life, call urgently for a return to an individual awareness of the sacredness of all that is, and of the interconnectedness of all that exists. For it is only through recognizing the sacred and experiencing the interconnections and the wholeness, that these major planetary needs can be truly addressed. Shamanism, because it provides a direct experience of the sacred, of the spiritual dimension of our universe, and of the unity and interconnections of all its parts, can help us contribute to more balance in our world, and to peace, harmony and the health of our planet and its many inhabitants. Shamanic consciousness naturally belongs in the modern world and will play an important role in bringing indigenous and modern cultures together in the search for common resolutions to planetary problems.

The shamanic life journey is a deep, beautiful and profound spiritual experience, whose freshness and mystery gives meaning to the human potential and humanitys conscious revolution towards peace and harmonious relationships. We in the western world can become great healers and great visionaries as we remember our true spiritual nature. Shamans are people of percept, of power in action, change-makers and bridge walkers... Are you one of them who carries a longing to unite with other likeminded souls? Then welcome to an amazing journey of self-discovery, dream and design through the Inka Medicine Wheel to become Shaman.

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