The Master class Luminous Warrior

Earth is changing and so are we... I have heard in prophesies for many years that fire will be the element that assist us in raising consciousness to create a new world here on Earth. As we all know, it is now happening!! We are in a very crucial time of possibility towards a world created with Peace, Love, mutual respect for all living beings... A world where all of life is sacred.... It sounds so luminous and promising still feel very distant at times when looking upon our global human and environmental chaos.

The dark shadow is very powerful and very visible in our world. It grows on the separation impulse of fear, conflict, war, struggle, gossip, negativity, competition, addiction, anger... Our healing work is to become conscious of how we feed the dark and learn ways to move beyond it´s illusion so that we can keep the power of our inner light no matter what is going on around us. In this way we become a source of truth and light that invites others to shine as well!

The master class Luminous Warrior is an important class where you learn how to live in the light and be a source of power, of inspiration, of courage, and in service to this global shift we are in without getting caught in the dark.

Walking in the world as a Luminous Warrior is about living in freedom, about making the dark conscious so we can unbind the light that is held in the unconscious. This class is a deep dive in Jaguar medicine of the West in the Wheel. Here we understand that we are both light and dark. That our world is built on polar opposites in creation. If we neglect our dark side it goes shadow within and we are hopelessly stuck in negative projection upon life and our human collective shadow gets more powerful. We need to learn how to heal, deal, and work with our internal shadow so it does not have to show up physically in any form.

Everything begins with each one of us having the will power to take our personal work deep in healing and high in vision! It takes a conscious dance of courage to change the world!

This is what this class teaches; working your mirrors where you get caught in disempowerment, ceremonies and rituals to set your self free from the illusions of fear, you learn how the shadow operates and how to balance the polar opposites of creation. We work personal, generational, and global shadow traits.

For me this class is key important in its skills of illuminating life!

Working as a teacher and healer in Shamanic energy medicine I have a comittment to uplift this word through consciousness, to be an inspiration of light. To be this I have to know my own shadow, have to engage my own shadow work personal and global naturally in my everyday life. I have to know the signs when I get caught in limitation or fear so I can free myself from its grip. How else can I be of service to my commitment to live in the light?

This class is part of the Change-maker Master program only for you who have done your Medicine Wheel training and carry a full mesa. A class that awake, shake, and offer you shamanic skills and ceremonies so that you can keep shining your light without unconsciosly feeding the dark. Shadow work is good medicine that makes us authentic and real! This medicine tradition asks us to keep transcending our fears and violent aspects so that we can shine like and Inka with light consciousness!!

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