Spiritual Consciousness as a Way of Change

Spiritual Leadership is all about life affirming change and how we shapeshift our world. The program through a Medicine Wheel is a gateway to discover your souls mission with purpose to lead, live and create from a place of the sacred and higher visionary skills.

Life on Earth is calling us all to step forward! It is about stepping into a courageous conversation on what is possible in harmony with the laws of nature and each other. We need to engage this task from a sense of wholeness and spiritual consciousness to go beyond the illusion of the material world only. We need to heal our old wounded story personal and global to fully open up to a new ways of being and acting in the world.

Great leaders and Change-makers develop themselves and their ability to see potential of something new. They are the ones who courageously walk new pathways expanding consciousness of what could be. They seek truth in all aspects of life as truth and change goes hand in hand moving us in a more conscious pattern forward. Are you one of them? One who dreams of making a difference in our world through your own unique gift? Positive change in small acts or big steps all contributes to the bigger whole, that source we are all connected with.

The word Shaman means ”to see” The one who have trained her eyes to see the world as full of possibilities, trained to see opportunities and learnings in every encounter with life.

The Medicine Wheel is a spiritual leadership training where you heal the past and learn how to use your eyes of power, how to enter a flow state of synchronicity, how to engage, expand, connect and explore yourself in the power of now and future possibilities that calls you to your Destiny!

Shamanic Energy Medicine is an ancient healing tradition from the Andes and the Amazon that opens the light of the heart where we remember our connectedness with all life. It is a medicine that works in the core of who we are bringing us to a new identity of the sacred. It wakes and shakes us out of disempowerment, ignorance, the limits of ego awards and low levels of engagements. It is a bridge that holds the codes for Illumination of consciousness that our modern world calls for!

Many native cultures of the Americas hold the belief that each individual is original medicine, that there is no one duplicated on the planet; therefore it is important to bring one´s creative spirit, life dream, or purpose to Earth. If not, those gifts that can make positive ripples on the whole life web are lost. Our work is to come fully forward with our gifts, talents, and resources, and to meet our tests and challenges. It is key important for all of us to step forward now and give life to those many times hidden gifts within, so that there again can be peace and a positive future for all life on our home Earth. Please remember you are unique and needed in those turbulent times!

5 keys why to take the Medicine Wheel training in Spiriual Leadership.

* You become a source of inspiration for opportunities and development.

* Learn conflict solutions from a place of a Peaceful Warrior where everyone is a winner.

* Lead yourself and others from wisdom, heart, and power aligned with vision.

* You develop your capacity to consciously think/perceive/act with awareness within the physical world from mythical perspectives.

* You grow in your spirit and open up to mystical consciousness of perceiving life from within your energetic field, to sense the many currents of information and interpret it before you move into action.

Come train your spiritual consciousness in personally designed Shaman trainings!

Want to know more? Please contact jeanette@sunpeople.se

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