Healing through the Inka Medicine Wheel

How can Shamanism help us to heal our inner wounds?

Shamanism helps us obtain balance between the four different parts of ourselves - the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – so that we can begin to relate to the world in a new way. Most of our inner wounds are located on the emotional level, as karmic patterns, which can then express themselves physically. But our wounds may also be on the spiritual level, and this is where energy medicine can really help by going to the root of the problem - because we can travel all the way to the soul and heal the spiritual origin of the wound.

How does the Medicine Wheel offer healing spaces?

The emotional wounds can be caused by different family experiences, or that someone has done something, which is perceived as an injustice. This is where we can use shamanic energy medicine and start a healing process. Starting to peel away those emotional layers and give us room to make up with our history, so we can drop the feeling that our past is still affecting us. We do this especially with the Illumination process. This is a soft and beautiful healing way to regain our sense of life.

In the first direction of the Medicine Wheel, South. We go back and look at our history and focus on what we have learned from what has happened, instead of focusing on the pain, the healing and change begin. And then, the pain begins to dissolve. This process free us from our old patterns so that we instead can begin to choose new ways of relating to ourselves, others and life.

We work with Jaguar energy in the next direction of the Medicine Wheel, West.

Jaguar energy is very much about life and death, it teaches us to walk in balance with power, helps us to meet our shadow side, heal our karma and our ancestral memories, so that we fully can begin to live in YES to life.

Healing at a soul level goes even deeper. We may lose a part of our life essence when we experience something very traumatic, and we can begin to experience an emptiness inside that we are trying to fill with external things, such as material objects, or we start to eat or drink too much - all in one desperate attempt to fill that inner emptiness.

In this spiritual journey and healing we work with the archetype of Hummingbird. We engage a higher energy level, where there is not so much drama, but rather a spiritual healing with serenity and calm. When we bring home these soul parts regaining our natural spiritual light, we are filled with even more vigor. This is done in the third direction of the Medicine Wheel, North. North is the home of the Teacher, the Master, the Wisdom keeper.

The next step on the Medicine Wheel is the East where we work with the Eagle, the shaman archetype that helps us to become a great visionary. In this direction we work to look at how we can leak energy, all the backdoors we may have that prevent us from manifesting what we really dream about. We look at the energy loss that occurs when one constantly keeps everything in the future. A shaman's path is about learning how to walk with power and light in the now. The more you heal yourself, the clearer your visionary skills become, as you constantly purify yourself from the dark side, projections, backdoors and energy losses.

As a result, our gaze becomes clearer, we have more energy available to us in the present, and the better will our manifestation abilities be. The Eagle medicine is about unity consciousness as it shows us the way to circle the sky and dream from a higher place within ourselves, we dream from our heart that serves all life not just our own ego.

How can we tell the difference between dreams that comes from the soul from the ones that comes from ego?

The ego wants so much. It wants fame, money, properties, etc. The ego is also very goal oriented and is terrified of failing. While the soul wants to share its gifts, so the soul's dreams are always about what we can give to others and how we can contribute. And in the soul’s world there is no such thing as failure, but only learnings on a unique life journey.

How to find balance with the male and female divine energy to support us in life?

In shamanism we weave together the masculine and the feminine through ritual and ceremony to balance and empower our life force. The male divine energy helps us to have order, structure and ideas. The feminine divine energy is more about caring, nurturing, loving and the magical aspects of life. Within each person, we need to have a harmonious relationsship flowing between both of those. Are we just a magical energy without structure, well then we will have a hard time to manifest our ideas. And if we just have the idea, but no heart, then we are living solely from our own ego.

Everything is about having balance and to allow these two energies to gain support from each other. Once we have that balance, when we allow the male and the female, the physical and the spiritual, the mental and emotional to be in balance with each other, we have the power to realize our soul's dreams and make them manifest. We find our souls voice and allow that voice to guide us forward, and have insight into how we can live in right relationship with all living things around us. And that is the essence of shamanic energy medicine. Welcome to the Shaman world of love and healing!

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