Sourcing from Earth as a spiritual path in manifesting heart dreams

Why is it so important to be linked with Mother Earth?

The shamanic tradition is fully entrenched with the earth and its natural wisdom of life and death, it teaches us that we must heal our relationship with the Earth so we can rest in the realization that Mother Earth will take care of us, that we can trust she gives us nourishment. When we can rest in this fact we will go into abundance and generosity, but as soon as we feel that we are missing something we are entering an energy where we instead experience lack and fear.

This means we lose our connection and trust in life itself with stress and destructive patterns as a result. While the more we can trust that there is enough to go around, the deeper the roots into Mother Earth, so we can stand firmly anchored with her and from that contact we can grow upwards towards the sky and the sun like a tree. When we do that, we become powerful visionaries. It's about living here and now, with one foot in the spiritual world and the other in the material world. When we can integrate this, we live in balance with ourselves and have access to all our personal power.

How can we link ourselves more to Mother Earth in our daily lives?

By being out in nature, breathing fresh air. Listen to the birds and walking barefoot in the grass. But also in meditation linking us more to Mother Earth, allowing us to be more present in the moment and just be still here and now. So not all of our time floats away into fantasies or events that can happen in the future or to something that has already happened. Included in a Shaman's training is the learning on how to use all the senses in the present moment where all the information is available.

It feels like that shamanism is a very feminine tradition?

All shamanism is feminine, because it is a spiritual path of the natural world, very much about how we are in right relationship with the elements: earth, water, fire and air. Shamanism also contains a lot of ceremonies where we express all the gratitude we feel for all that we already have. This means that we will open up even more to life; we feel even more in sacred relationship with Mother Earth, and all the riches she offers.

How can we find our dreams?

We can feel what we have an inner urge to do. We can look at what gifts we have that we want to share with others. What is it that the heart dreams of? By going into stillness, stopping the world for a while and just listen to the wisdom of the heart we receive so much guidance! Once you have found that, you have to have the courage to take the first step in that direction! And that courage we need to find ourselves, no one else can give it to us. But once we begin a movement for change and follow our inner guidance, we create space so that the dreams can become reality. We might need to take a course, read new books, or meet others who can support us. And when we start taking these steps, we are taken on a personal journey of discovery and expansion that give us so much joy, life energy and new opportunities.

How can we manifest our dreams?

The first thing is to become aware of our words and thoughts. Do we keep all of our dreams in the future, so that they never enter into the present? Are our thoughts stopping us from the outset, perhaps because we believe that we cannot manifest what we dream about? In Sweden we have the Law of Jante (The Law of Jante is a group behavior towards individuals within Scandinavian communities that negatively portrays and criticizes individual success and achievement as unworthy and inappropriate.) as a challenge to overcome, as it is a force that keeps us in the small instead of living the souls great dreams. It is so important that we muster enough courage within ourselves that we dare to stand out, be different and have the strength to dare to follow our own unique dreams.

Notes from an interview with Jeanette Mantel published in 2010

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