Wing Wing With Spirit

To embark upon a journey of self discovery, of change, of becoming different than what you are today, you have to go through the doorway of the will. Each one of us must decide to take the journey. The path itself has infinite patience. It will always be there for those who decide to travel it.

The Medicine Wheel is an ancient and powerful symbol of the universe. It is a silent teacher of the realities of things. It shows the many different ways in which all things are connected, as well as things that could be. When we come from purity of heart we can use the Medicine Wheel as a mirror that will unveil many hidden gifts that have not yet been developed. Gifts that we need to discover and nurture to fulfill our own unique destiny.

What you will see in this mirror if you look deeply within your own being, is an image of your strengths and weaknesses, and a vision of what you could become if you were to commit to this journey of self discovery. Human potential is infinite and human developing never stops. Thats why we say you begin a journey of unfolding your gifts that never ends.

Coming full circle around the wheel you move into the center connected equally to all four directions by the power of your will. In Andean shamanism we call this the power of Yankay = the center of power we have within to make decisions and act upon our dreams to manifest. The center is a place of balance and understanding of one self as well as the interconnectedness with the rest of creation. Over time as we grow and change we are drawn out to the directions to engage our personal healing work. As soon as we get it, can take 1 day, 1 week, or 1 year depending on our level of consciousness and willingness to engage the work, we are back in the center of flow, of synchronicity, of balance.


The Inka Prophecy speaks about a time when the Eagle and the Condor again will fly wing wing in the same sky. The Eagle symbolizes our intellectual sphere and are represented by the people of the north. The Condor symbolizes our heart power which are represented by the people of the south. We/Earth are in this critical time now when the opportunity is here, an opportunity to come together as one people and share our strengths in benefit for all life on Earth. In the medicine wheel training we work within this prophecy in each individual. We align and empower the 3 powercenters of a human. Yachay- the power of the intellect with Munay- the power of the awakened heart and Yankay - the will power of action. In this way we become very anchored in the center of our own being and conscious of the consequenses of every action we take or not take. When Eagle and Condor again fly in the same sky the prophecy says a new day for Earth will awaken! Welcome to a spiritual path of unfolding your unique gifts and learn the ways of leading with vision, a place where you fly wing wing with spirit in co-creation of reality!

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