The Medicine Wheel - A journey of healing & spiritual leadership

We live in a time of disruptive change. In a troubled world that needs healing in the core of life. We all have a part to play in building a future where all can thrive. Will you take the lead? To lead yourself courageously from a place of inner power, heart and courage!

If we want to become extra ordinary as human beings, as leaders, as change-makers, it is important to see the world as full of possibilities. It is a shift of mind seeing a world that is made up of things to seeing a world that´s open and primarily made up of relationships. Where whatever is manifest, whatever we see, touch, feel, taste and hear whatever seems most real to us, is actually non-substantial. A deeper level of spiritual reality exists beyond anything we can articulate. Once we understand this, we begin to see that the future is not fixed, that we live in a world of possibilities and power of influence.

Everything around us is in continual constant movement. Nothing in nature stays stagnant. When we see reality more as it is, we realize that nothing is permanent, that we live in a world of continual possibility. Shifting our belief structure and level of thinking, we begin to see ourselves as part of the unfolding. But if we want to participate in the unfolding process of the universe, we must let life flow through us, rather than attempt to control life.

When we are in the flow state of being, we are open to life and all its possibilities, willing to take the next step as it presents itself to us. For this we need to be in the moment, we need to see what is right before us. All power is in the now, it is from here we make choices that aligns and influence the vision that we have of ourselves and of the world. Meditation is a great key to slow down, open up, and be in the moment. It is an instrument to open up all our senses and access a creative principle from within. Through a daily meditation practice, we get deeply intune with what is presented to us, more grounded in how we walk in the world, and synchronicity of events effortlessly comes into our lives.

I have a question for you dear reader - What power of influence do you believe you have in the world? big or small? I invite you to take some minutes to reflect upon this question. If you believe it is small, how can you raise your level of consciousness in how you make choices? If you believe it is big, how are you consciously directing this power taking full responsability for the ripples it is creating? Close your eyes and listen to your own inner voice of truth and wisdom. What is your dream of the world? How are you living, imagining, contributing to this vision? How do you share it?

We live in extraordinary times, and we are being invited by life to become extraordinary. When we become who we truly are, we have the most to offer other people and the world. Shamanic Energy Medicine work opens up our eyes to the great mystery, a journey towards wholeness in our spiritual and physical aspects of being. Through this portal we become great change-makers in service to our unique Destiny and gift back to this world!

The Medicine Wheel is a unique opportunity to heal the past, learn to walk in balance on the power path, go into the mystery teachings where we master time, engage the sacred and shapeshift our world. This is a spiritual leadership training that opens the power of vision, heart, and right action.

Welcome to this extra ordinary journey in ancient Andean wisdom and mystic teachings.

Come change your story, change your life and learn to walk in balance on the power path of life!

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