The Spiritual Warrior

In shamanic energy medicine we learn to practice the way of the peaceful warrior, the luminous warrior, the one who have no need of enemies anywhere. The warrior archetype of Jaguar guides us on a deep inner journey to wake us up from where we are caught in illusion, fear, or lifelessness. Its medicine provokes rapid change when needed for the continuation of health and life, this is to free energy up so we can continue on our Destiny path.
To become a leader to yourself, and in all quest of life, means developing the inner warrior. The principle that guides the warrior is showing up and choosing to be present. This path asks us to journey to the center of our being, where it is possible to experience directly the connection between the human spirit and the rest of the universe, and between the human spirit and the creator. This experience is the gift of prayer. It asks us to go away from the noice of society once in a while to gain spiritual insight on what is true in the core of who we are.
Welcome to the West of the Medicine Wheel where you learn the great lesson to accept yourself as you really are; both a spiritual and physical being.
West direction of the Medicine Wheel - The Spiritual Warrior

The West is the direction from which darkness comes. It is the direction of going within our own interior world, of dreams, of prayer and of meditation. The west is the place of testing, where the will is stretched to its outer limits so that the gift of endurance may be won. For the closer one draws toward a goal the more difficult the journey becomes. The capacity to stick to a challenge even though it is very hard and even painful is an important lesson to be learned in the West.

Because thunder and lighting often come from there, the West is also the direction of power. Power to heal. Power to protect and defend. Power to see and to know. Here the leader must learn to manage power in a balanced way not to be consumed by it or misuse it for ego awards. All of life lives on power=energy and it is important to harmonize its force from within to live a life in health and harmonious relationships.

Another very important work of the West is shadow work. Carl Jung was the first who gave us the term Shadow, to refer to those parts of our personality that we have rejected out of fear, ignorance, shame or lack of love. As we  integrate the shadow, light or dark, we rediscover a deeper source of our own spiritual life. Many indigenous cultures sew small pieces of mirrors into ceremonial costumes or glue them on to masks to remind us that we are mirrors for each other. These societies believe each person can be either a clear mirror or a smoking mirror. Clear mirrors are people who we idealize or believe we cannot be like. - we give our power away to them. Smoking mirrors are people with whom we have difficulty and hope that we are not like them in any way. What ever human qualities we see in those clear or smoking mirrors, these shadow aspects are lacking in our wholeness and because we do not want to admitt them to ourself, they become our mistakes and weaknesses. Shadow work is good medicine. We clear our vision and break free from illusion so that we truly can dream a new world into being.

The path of the spiritual warrior is about walking in the world with power, balance, high level ethics and integrity. A great leader skill is consistency in words and action. When we say what we mean, and do what we say, we become trust worthy. Many indigenous societies recognize that a lack of alignment between word and action always results in a loss of power and effectiveness. As we speak truth, walk truth, act with truth, everything in our world becomes true.


This is what our time calls for, great visionaries who know who they are, who walks their talk, and have the courage to let the arrow of what is possible to fly!

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding about ourselves.

- Carl Jung

Qualities of the West Direction

Element: Water

Color: Black

Aspect of human nature: Emotional

Cycle of human development: Protection

Warrior Archetype: Jaguar

Spiritual Warrior archeype
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