We have arrived in the East. A final step on a journey of learning that never ends. We gain a vision of what our potential is from the teachings of the medicne wheel. By living up to that vision and by being inspired of those who walk before us, we grow and develop. Our vision of what we can become is like a strong magnet pulling us towards it. Here in the East, we are being asked to stop living only for ourselves to shift our consciousness in service to the community, to become stewards of the Earth.
The element of the East is air. The wind is cleansing our minds and brings our multidimensional self into balance. A great practice is to listening to the voice of the wind and clear our minds to make fully conscious choices. Welcome to the bigger wings, to cosmic light, and your part in co-creating reality. It is about focusing your intent and realigning your vision. Like eagles we are called to higher consciousness!

The Visionary

Inka prayers to father sky
East direction of the Medicine Wheel - The Visionary

The East is the direction from which a new day comes into the world. It is the direction of illumination, where we use our inner eyes to believe in the unseen. The East is the place of all beginnings. Here we return many times to the East in the course of a life journey. Each time, there will be new things to learn on a new level of understanding. It is the direction of guidance and leadership. Here the gifts of beautiful and clear speech that help others to understand is aquired. Also, the ability to see clearly through illusions, potentials and what has not yet come into manifestation is learned. 

When we follow the way of the Visionary, we are able to make the truth visible. The principle that guides the Visionary is telling the truth without blame or judgment. When we express the inner Visionary, we know and communicate our creative purpose and life dream, act from our authentic self, are truthful, and honor our ways of seeing.

Many native cultures of the Americas hold the belief that each individual is original medicine, that there is no one duplicated on the planet; therefore it is important to bring one´s creative spirit, life dream, or purpose to Earth. If not, those gifts that can make positive ripples on the whole life web are lost. Our work is to come fully forward with our gifts, talents, and resources, and to meet our tests and challenges. It is key important for all of us to step forward now and give life to those many times hidden gifts within, so that there again can be peace and a positive future for all life on our home Earth.

Please remember you are unique and needed in those turbulent times! 

One of the most important gifts we learn here is the capacity to focus our attention on the events of the present moment.  As we learn to focus our attention, we have the alertness of all the senses and the complete giving of ourself to what we are doing. In the Medicine Wheel training we practice this a lot in what we call tracking. We practice to focus our eyes to see from different levels of perception, gathering information from those different states to help us shift how we look upon the world. In the East work we realize as we perceive the world we create it, as we change our perceptions we naturally change our world.


Like the Eagle, a leader of the people must often travel alone. The Eagle flies high above the world. It watches the movements of all life and have the capacity to watch over and guard the wellbeing of others. This is an important gift to be learned - for it is one thing to see the situation others are in, yet another to have the heart open to have the willingness to help, and another to know what to do. A good leader learns to see things as they are connected to all other things, to be self-reliant, to have hope for the people and trust in his/her vision. But until the journey is made through the South of the wheel, where the limiting old stories are shed and the heart opens in compassion, and until the journey is made through the West work of the clear and smoking mirrors and to learn how to correctly use power, and the journey to the North where the leader learn how to serve and guide the people with wisdom, one can not truly be a visionary leader for self or others from a perspective of wholeness in the bigger picture.


As you journey through the Medicine Wheel, you learn how to use your eyes of power, how to enter a flow state of synchronicity, how to engage, expand, connect and explore yourself and future possibilities that makes a difference in your world. Welcome to a life changing program!

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field.

I´ll meet you there.

- Rumi

Qualities of the East Direction

Element: Air

Color: Yellow

Aspect of human nature: Spiritual

Cycle of human development: Wholeness

Visionary Archetype: Eagle/Condor

Inka prophecy of Eagle/Condor
View from Huyna Picchu
Condor temple in Machu Picchu